Double majoring/minoring/designations

Something that you may want to consider is supplementing your business education with an additional major, a minor, or a designation.  Earning one of these can really separate you from the rest of the pack toting only business degrees, especially when your addition complements your industry of interest well.  For example, I pursued a psychology degree to supplement my marketing concentration, and a global scholar designation to further that.  What is available to you will depend on your school, but I’ve listed some good pairings for someone already in a business administration program.


The Major Functions

Business administration + Foreign language = International business

Business administration + Anthropology = International business

Business administration + Psychology = Human resources or Marketing

Business administration + Statistics = Operations or Finance

Business administration + Computer Science = Tech industry


More Specialized Industries

Business administration + Relevant subject = Doing business in the industry of that subject

Business administration + Fine arts = Arts management

Business administration + Chemistry = Pharmaceutical sales / R&D

Business administration + Biology = Biotech

Business administration  + Political science = Consulting

Business administration  + Hospitality = Hotel or Travel field



One thing to keep in mind is that pursuing a double major will leave you with much less room for electives, and may require you to take summer courses in order to graduate in four years.  That is why many students opt for a minor or designation instead.  As I mentioned, this all will depend on your situation (how many credits you came in with, how many electives you hope to take to round out your application–see this post, etc.).  You should sit down and have a chat with your advisor to see which of these options is doable and would work best for you.

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