Who gets into Yale SOM?

Hey, everyone.  After a hectic orientation and a weeklong course, Managing Groups and Teams, I have finally settled into the core curriculum for Fall 1, and have thus found some time to write a quick post.  Since I’ve spent the past two weeks interacting with all of my new classmates, I thought it would be fun to write about the types of people who make up the Yale SOM student body, so people thinking of attending the school can get a feel for the peers they’d be learning and working with.  Though there are a few statistics, most of the features mentioned are just observations, so take them with a grain of salt.

  • Class size: 326
  • International students: 40%
  • Women: 40%
  • Countries represented: 40
  • Altruists
    • A good portion of the people that I’ve talked to are heading into non-profit consulting or some sort of social good enterprise.  To be sure, there are still the more traditional investment bankers and consultants, but the number of people wanting to use their career to make a positive impact on the world has shocked me.
  • Environmentally-conscious
    • The most common dual degree with a Yale MBA?  Law? Medicine?  Nope.  Forestry.  Yale SOM is filled with people who care deeply about the environment and want to turn that passion into a career.
  • Teachers/Travelers
    • Of the people I’ve met, the two are almost synonymous.  There are some people who have only taught domestically, but most of the teachers I talked to have taught abroad, primarily in Africa and Asia.  Of the domestic teachers, Teach for America seems to be the main medium.
  • Amazing people
    • When you think of an Ivy League business school, what is the caricature that comes to mind?  Perhaps a Wolf-of-Wall-Street-looking yuppie with a navy blazer, khaki pants, a sizable trust fund, and an ego to match?  I had some worries that my classmates would fall into this mold but that is not the case in the slightest.  Instead, I have the pleasure of learning alongside and from the most brilliant, humble, and kind group of individuals I have ever known.  This is a luxury not afforded to students at other, more cutthroat business schools.  I have a feeling that this dynamic stems from the main interests of Yale-SOMers being following their passions and having a positive impact on the world, not trying to get wealthy and powerful.

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